The CMA Way

Founded in 1984, CMA is a Baton Rouge Louisiana based technology company specializing in Managed I.T. Services, Information Security, Datacenter Solutions, and Contract Management.  We service customers throughout the Gulf States and beyond.

At the heart of our business we share a set of values referred to as “The CMA Way.” This shared belief system ensures consistent performance, above average customer service, and long-term partnerships. 

“We’ll Get You There.”

Trust – We keep our promises.
We trust and rely on our peers, enabling us to deliver exceptional service to our customers. We work diligently to gain, but most importantly, keep the trust of our valued customers day in and day out.

Excellence – We strive to be consistently better than average.
We aim to deliver the highest level of service to each other and to our customers from the very first moment of contact to the last.

Commitment – We do the right thing.
We hire the best of the best employees that will stick to the concept that our business was built on: always doing the right thing no matter the circumstance.

Helpfulness – Always be helpful.
We care about more than technology; we care about people. We help each other and will always be there to help our customers when they need it most.

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