Professional Security Services

Protect your Business With a Solution Custom Tailored to You

CMA’s security experts offer a wide range of professional services engagements to provide you with the skill sets and knowledge you need to protect your business. Our team focuses on providing a handful of ready-made professional IT service engagements based on the trends we see in the industry. We’re ready to serve you in any way that we can and are able to create a custom-made services engagement for your specific needs.

Risk Assessment

Making technology investments can be overwhelming, but when it comes to your security investments, the CMA security team can help. We will assess your IT environment based on ten domains, run reports, and come up with a strategic roadmap on the next steps you should take regarding your security practices. Because security threats are everchanging, we recommend risk assessments be completed on an annual basis to keep your business protected.

Incident Response

From planning for incidents to responding to breaches, CMA’s security experts have you covered. Our team will help you determine the steps that you need to take when incidents occur and can even simulate security incidents to aid you in your preparation process. While we always encourage planning ahead, our security team can also assist in breach response and e-discovery.

Virtual CISO

Haven’t hired a Chief Information Security Officer yet? CMA’s virtual CISO can assist you with strategy planning, audit meetings, or board presentations. We will aid you in the development of a multi-year plan for cybersecurity program development, participate in IT planning meetings, and develop remediation plans for audit findings or risk assessment findings.

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