Managed Security Services

We Handle Your Security So You Don't Have To

CMA’s security team has developed managed service offerings to address the key risks that you may face. The focus of our security managed services is to identify a specific problem facing the cybersecurity industry, develop a unique solution offering to help you deal with the threat, and provide that solution to you as a fully managed service.

Email Security & User Awareness

Our security team has developed a way to combat two of today’s most dangerous security threats; your inbox and your employees. CMA will implement and manage Proofpoint Email Security and Wombat Security Awareness Training for you to be sure that all your bases are covered. Our goal is to stop security hazards from landing in your mailbox, while proactively training your employees on what to do or what not to do in case a threat slips by. We are committed to taking the lead on this, so you don’t have to.

Firewall Managed Services

Firewalls are the first line of defense against malicious actors. Are you giving your firewall the attention that is needs? CMA’s security team has created a unique solution to protect your device from critical vulnerabilities by managing your firewall for you. We will implement our best practices model, proactively manage your device, perform change and patch management services, and monitor, report, and review the results with you to identify trouble areas before they become an outage. Let CMA take the load off of your IT staff.   

DNS Managed Services

Web filtering solutions are designed to stop internet-based threats before they reach the endpoint. CMA offers DNS security implementation and on-going management to protect your business’ data from malicious user-targeted programs. DNS managed services will allow you to easily manage the websites that your users can and cannot access and provide protection, whether they are at the office or working remotely. From DNS configuration, to monitoring and reporting, the CMA security team has you covered.

Network Security Monitoring

The focus of security is evolving from prevention to detection and response. The question is no longer ‘if’ you’ll fall victim to a malicious attack, it’s ‘when.’ That’s why we’ve turned to implementing network security monitoring that’s fully scalable to any size business. CMA Network Security Monitoring offers active monitoring for security threats leading to quicker detection of malicious activity, security expertise for remediation of breaches, reporting and metrics on the health of your environment, and more. From monitoring to remediation, CMA will be there every step of the way.     

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