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Professionally Managed IT Services by CMA

Personalized Managed IT Services

CMA Compass Managed IT Service is customized to your organization’s specific needs. This ensures your daily IT operations run smoothly and attention is devoted to the areas that matter to you.

With just a phone call you have a team ready to fill in gaps, manage updates, monitor & analyze your infrastructure, report on performance, and much more. Since 1984, the IT experience across our team allows your company to be confident that your IT environment will be managed efficiently. We’ll even collaborate with your team to improve your infrastructure performance.

Compass Managed IT Services Benefits

Whether Advisory, Assistance, or Administrative support, CMA IT Services offers you a customizable solution to help you run an efficient and reliable IT infrastructure. Our platform extends security, reliability, risk reduction, and confidence to your organization, allowing your business to flourish and succeed.

Also, our Virtual CIOs and Network Administrators have vast knowledge in the various disciplines required to managed a technology infrastructure. Your company can rest assured you will receive a high level of service at a fair price that will allow it to continue to focus on growing business.

Efficient use of resources

CMA Compass Managed IT Support provides resource optimization. We believe in having the right skills when you need them.

Customized to requirements

Receive a customized plan to help you quickly achieve the results you want. Let use reduce risk by having experts manage the IT infrastructure to a consistent standard.

Access to Virtual CIOs and Network Administrators

In addition to providing your company managed IT support, CMA assigns a team of experts to help future-proof your business. Partner with a team of professionals dedicated to your success.

Long term solution

Flexible support levels to let you choose what you need. Find a solution that works for your needs and reduce capex and infrastructure costs.

Alternative to outsourcing

Managed IT Services resources is a perfect alternative to outsourcing, which is more suitable for many types of businesses and provides great benefits.

Additional Managed Services Benefits Include:

  • Proactive Monitoring
  • Secure Infrastructure
  • Full System Support
  • Increased Uptime
  • Accountability and Increased Levels of Service
  • Centralized Accountability
  • Disaster Recovery
  • Scalability and Flexibility
  • Predictive Budgeting
  • Service Delivery Model (Help Desk, problem resolutions, data/ systems protection, virus & malware support, best practices for Managed IT, Virtual CIO roles & more).
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