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Regain Control and Improve Your User Experience with Virtualization

Virtual Desktop Solutions

You can deliver consistent desktops with minimal management through the use of virtual desktops. CMA has a broad portfolio of virtual desktop installations that leverage VMware, Citrix and Microsoft technology.

Administrators find that today’s virtual desktop solutions are delivering an experience that meets 90 percent of end-user needs. Desktop virtualization can improve efficiency in your business by mitigating threats, managing OS decay, maintaining system updates, and providing desktops across a myriad of end-user devices.

VMware NSX

VMware NSX is the network virtualization platform for the Software-Defined Data Center (SDDC).By bringing the operational model of a virtual machine to your data center network, you can transform the economics of network and security operations. NSX lets you treat your physical network as a pool of transport capacity, with network and security services attached to VMs with a policy-driven approach.

VMware NSX Introduction

VMware NSX is the network virtualization platform that delivers the operational model of a VM for the network to transform data center operations and economics. – See more at:

Business Transformation at Tribune Media

Tribune Media has over 42 owned or operated TV Stations, WGN Cable, Gracenote for Entertainment Metadata and Tribune Movie Studios, and is one of the nation’s largest independent broadcasters. VMware has really helped Tribune Media stop the conversations around technology, focusing instead on the outcomes it needs to operate the business. Now they can concentrate on increasing security capabilities, decreasing costs and responding to customer needs faster. Tribune Media can grow the business and go after new markets, and that translates into more revenue per customer.

Case Study: Synergent Taps VMware NSX For Micro Segmentation And IT Automation

For more than 40 years Synergent Corporation, an IT services bureau for the credit union industry, has delivered comprehensive solutions for customers ranging from small local credit unions up to some of the largest credit unions in the United States. Given the sensitive nature of the data its various divisions handle from credit unions – both on and off premises – Synergent is keenly focused on security. 

White Paper: NSX Network Virtualization Platform

VMware’s Software Defined Data Center (SDDC) vision leverages core data center virtualization technologies to transform data center economics and business agility through automation and non-disruptive deployment that embraces and extends existing compute, network and storage infrastructure investments. Enterprise data centers are already realizing the tremendous benefits of server and storage virtualization solutions to consolidate and repurpose infrastructure resources, reduce operational complexity and dynamically align and scale their application infrastructure in response to business priorities. However, the data center network has not kept pace and remains rigid, complex, proprietary and closed to innovation – a barrier to realizing the full potential of the virtualization and the SDDCs. The VMware NSX network virtualization platform provides the critical third pillar of VMware’s Software Defined Data Center (SDDC) architecture. NSX network virtualization delivers for networking what VMware has already delivered for compute and storage. In much the same way that server virtualization allows operators to programmatically create, snapshot, delete and restore software-based virtual machines (VMs) on demand, NSX enables virtual networks to be created, saved and deleted and restored on demand without requiring any reconfiguration of the physical network. The result fundamentally transforms the data center network operational model, reduces network provisioning time from days or weeks to minutes and dramatically simplifies network operations. 

Tribune is fundamentally changing the security geometry with VMware’s Network Virtualization

Understand how Tribune is leveraging VMware’s NSX to change the paradigm in securing their architecture.

City of Avondale Improves Security with VMware NSX

VMware NSX gives Avondale firefighters and police officers the fast bandwidth they need to serve the city. Find out how else the city is leveraging network virtualization to improve security and operations.

Standardizing IT Services and Delivering Faster with VMware NSX

GWU became a broker of IT enabling its students and faculty with secure access to everything they need including desktop virtualization in labs, development platforms, kiosks, and remote access. Delivering services now in minutes, GWU uses VMware NSX for security and multi-tenancy; as well as improving scalability by automating IT integrating vRealize Automation. GWU continues to expand uses including Horizon DaaS (Desktop as a Service) leveraging NSX to provide self-service.

Data Sheet: Micro-Segmentation Solution Overview

Deploy advanced security inside the data center with NSX and micro-segmentation.

Data Sheet: VMware NSX

Current network and security solutions are rigid, complex and often vendor-specific. This creates a costly barrier to realizing the full agility of the software-defined data center.In the current operational model, network provisioning is slow and workload placement and mobility is limited by physical topology and manual provisioning. Limitations of physical networking and security tie an increasingly dynamic virtual world back to inflexible, dedicated hardware, creating artificial barriers to optimizing network architecture and capacity utilization.Manual provisioning and fragmented management interfaces reduce efficiency and limit the ability of enterprises to rapidly deploy, move, scale and protect applications and data to meet business demands.

VMware NSX Security and Micro Segmentation

Raj is back to tell the team all about one of VMware NSX’s top security benefit, micro segmentation!

VMware NSX for Horizon

VMware NSX for Horizon brings speed and simplicity to VDI networking. Within seconds, IT administrators can create policies that dynamically follow virtual desktops, without the need for time-consuming network provisioning. Extending security policy from the data center to the device, this joint solution provides a highly extensible platform that integrates with industry-leading security solutions.

Network Security Makeover with VMware NSX

Over the past several years, high-profile data breaches have continued to exploit a legacy approach to data center network security. While methods for data center attacks vary, security breaches generally have a common element: exploit the fact that within the data center, there are little to no security controls in place. Once attackers breach the data center, they are able to move laterally from server to server spreading their malware. Traditional approaches to securing data centers have focused on strong perimeter defenses to keep threats on the outside of the network. This model is ineffective for handling today’s new and evolving threats. Data center security strategies need a makeover and VMware NSX is the answer.

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