Disaster Recovery

Preserve and Maintain Your Business with Affordable Cloud Backup

CMA can provide you with a data backup, disaster recovery, or hosting solution that meets your unique business recovery objectives. Whether you need to recover in days, hours or minutes, our FastCloud experts will design the best solution for your needs.

Reliable Data Protection

You need top-of-the-line, dependable data protection to minimize business disruption and risk. CMA FastCloud is expertly designed to protect the foundation of your business by securing your critical data and making it easily accessible to you in the face of a natural disaster or unexpected event.

Dependable Business Continuity

Don’t let your business operations come to an abrupt hault, because if your business is suffering then so are your customers. Internal information systems that remain online are essential to uninterrupted service. CMA uses a ground up methodology to evaluate your physical plant and human resources, information systems, and unique business objectives to create and deliver a cost-efficient technology solution that provides maximum uptime.

Experience CMA FastCloud to gain ultimate protection for your business, and within days you can be confident your business is resilient.

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