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Improve work productivity and efficiency in the Police Department through proactive IT management

Company Background

The Gonzales Police Department has experienced significant developments since relocating to a new state-of-the-art facility in July of 2012. The Police Department is advancing in technology with the help of a new secure filing system that digitally books and logs evidence, allowing it to be tracked through a Record Management System, barcoding, scan- ning and chain of custody. The Police Department is gearing toward a secure and digitally-focused envi- ronment that depends on reliable IT management to support a seamless IT infrastructure.

The Gonzales Police Department says in its mission statement, “We are committed to excellence in providing effective, high-quality services to our community in a professional and courteous manner.” In order for officers to carry out this mission, the Police Department doesn’t just depend on high-tech devices, but also on proactive IT support and proven management solutions, which allows its technology to function efficiently, effectively and continuously


The Gonzales Police Department didn’t have a full-time IT department at its disposal. “The Police Department had one officer who was responsible for managing not only the IT equipment, but also the mobile radios, associated equipment, and other technical devices,” explains Al Neal, Account Representative at CMA Technology Solutions. “This officer was close to retirement and no one in the Police Department was in a position to take over all of those responsibilities.”

During this transition, resource availability was limited in that police officers were using their time off to help troubleshoot internal technical issues.  The officers weren’t properly trained to execute IT-related tasks, so the technical glitches were challenging to manage, and even harder to prevent. The lack of proper IT support placed a high strain on the Police Department as a whole, affecting the budget and the police officers, and indirectly affecting the residents of Gonzales.

“There was a drain on man power, it was a waste of money, and it was taking services away from the residents of Gonzales,” explains Detective Sgt. Steven Nethken. “The police officer could have been in a location serving the public instead of dealing with internal computer issues.”

“As these concerns grew, it became apparent that the Gonzales Police Department needed full-time monitoring and support of their existing infrastructure,” explains Neal.


The Gonzales Police Department implemented CMA Compass in 2011 and have been using CMA Managed Services for two years.

Being able to quickly resolve conflicts within our IT infrastructure has increased productivity and cost savings,” Detective Sgt. Nethken says. “The cost associated with Compass Managed Services is a mere fraction of the cost that’s associated with a full-time IT personnel. And we can accomplish the same mission for less.

Detective Sgt. Nethken


With CMA Compass, the Gonzales Police Department is experiencing a significant decrease in the amount of downtime that the individual user is exposed to. CMA Managed Services is also helping to improve work productivity and efficiency in the Police Department through proactive IT management.

Police officers are no longer burdened with troubleshooting IT, and this allows the officers to focus on what matters most: protecting the City of Gonzales. The Gonzales Police Depart- ment has seen more capability now than ever due to the proactive IT support offered by CMA Managed Services. In turn, this support has helped day-to-day operations within the Police Department run smoother.

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