Customer Story: ES&H – Virtual Server & Storage Systems

Integrating a well-replicated disaster recovery solution that can be managed from one interface

Company Background

ES&H needed to find an effective method that would consolidate their data and improve their virtual environment. This meant implementing disaster recovery and business continuity on their systems, leaving behind a greener footprint. ES&H was utilizing existing equipment while running a virtual infrastructure based on Microsoft Hyper-V. CMA suggested changing their hypervisor from Microsoft to VMware and implementing VMware’s Site Recovery Manager for replication and failover, and Veeam for backup of their virtual environment. On initial implementation, the customer had 12 virtual servers running various applications such as Exchange 2010, SQL 2010, MS Dynamics 2010, SharePoint 2010 and BES. All servers were MS 2008 R2 Enterprise.


VMware’s Site Recovery Manager allowed them to implement replication and failover between their Houma and Houston sites. This allowed them to satisfy multiple problems and requirements to enhance virtualization and optimization.


CMA worked with ES&H to leverage their existing server and storage investment, and implement a highly available environment using VMware’s Site Recovery Manager. We are seeing a continued trend to replicate production environments to areas outside our geography – tools like Site Recovery Manager simplify the process and deliver an easy mechanism to test and perform actual disaster recovery scenarios.

We were able to utilize fewer physical devices in a virtualized environment, which allowed us to manage it within one interface. This generated and maintained a disaster recovery site for business continuity. However, the number one benefit was to have a well-replicated disaster recovery solution.

David Landry, IT Director at ES&H
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